Appartementen 31 Cas Grandi-A
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Appartementen 31 Cas Grandi-A

Below are the comments we have received from previous guests of this house:

28 Mei 2019

Lovely neighborhood

07 Mei 2019

The refrigerator and oven.

11 Maart 2018

The terrace. Great view, private parking behind the fence. For 2 people the apartment is great

29 Augustus 2016

Everything was there, full equipped house

16 Mei 2016

The ability to use the pool (when there were no guests in the villa).

05 April 2016

The view.

17 Mei 2015

The terrace, we enjoyed sitting here till late at night.

15 Maart 2014

It was exactly like I thought it would be.

02 Oktober 2013

The location of the house.


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