Apartments on Curacao

Are you looking for an apartment on Curacao then there is a lot of choice. The advantage of an apartment is that you have more space and privacy than in a hotel or bed and breakfast and that is often what you are looking for in your vacation. You have your own kitchen, living room and terrace or balcony and it is wonderful when you can relax after an active day in your temporary 2nd home.

Affordable or more luxurious?

Do you prefer a cheaper and basic apartment or do you prefer a bit more luxury?
Nowadays we need the internet and free Wi-Fi is therefore standard with every apartment. If you would like to stay a short distance from the beach, you can go to Blue Bay, Jan Thiel or mambo. These are generally also the more expensive apartments. In addition, you also have the choice of an apartment with an ocean view or, for example, a private swimming pool, how nice is that!

If you don't mind driving a short distance by car before you get to the beach, you have a very large selection of the entire island.
On Curacao you will find many small-scale apartment complexes and apartments on mini resorts. The pool is then shared with a number of other apartments. Do you enjoy meeting other people during your vacation, having a barbecue together and sharing experiences, then this type of accommodation is definitely recommended.


If you still cannot find a solution and you would like some advice, contact us for free advice. We are happy to assist you in achieving your fantastic vacation on Curacao.