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Origin Holiday Rentals Curacao

Holiday Rentals has been involved in the rental mediation of vacation homes since 1999. Since then, the company has grown strongly and expanded into what it is today: the largest rental mediator of private holiday homes in Curacao. You can book your holiday home with us with the SGR guarantee. Which means your money is safe with us. We have a professional team waiting for you during your booking process as well on Curacao itself.

Business information Holiday Rentals Curacao

Our booking company is Holiday Rentals Curacao BV, established in the Netherlands with KVK number 58864679, with the adress Kaya Boyo 128 Jan Thiel, Willemstad. This BV is particpant of the SGR gurantee fund.

Our operating company in Curacao is HR Curacao NV, established in Curacao with KVK number 120935, with the adress Nieuwe Kade 3a Grou.

Activities Holiday Rentals Curacao

The website, with more then 500 visitors a day, is continuously kept up to date. Holiday Rentals Curacao is a successfull cooperation partner for homeowners and a reliable contact person for guests.


Netherlands Office takes care of the rental of holiday homes;

Rental Holiday homes: Holiday Rentals Curaçao BV

J.Nieuwenhuisstraat 1
9001BT Grou, the Netherlands
Kvk-nummer:  58864679

Car Rental on Curaçao: HR Curaçao NV

Kaya Boyo 128
Punda Willemstad (Curaçao)
Kvk-nummer: 120935

Info and reservations of homes and/or cars
Tel: 005999-5642096
Skypenaam: Verhuur Holiday Rentals Curacao

General contact and homeowners
Tel: 005999-5132267
Skypenaam: Holiday Rentals Curacao

  • Foto Cor
    Erik Snoeij
    After sales and finance
  • Foto Wilma
    Nynke Akkerman
    Property and car- management
  • Photo Femke
    Femke Groskamp
    Sales and booking


Car Rental Curacao

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We offer you reliable and complete rental cars for a good price.

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Our team in Curaçao

Our team in Curaçao F.A.Q.

Tel: 005999-5642096
Available between: 08.00 - 17:00
Local time Curacao: 14:27 uur

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