Current situation Covid19 Curacao

March 14 was a black day for many people when the Prime Minister of Curacao, Eugene Ruggenaath, had to decide that the airspace would be closed for all incoming passenger flights. This is in the interest of public health. As a result, many people got duped because their vacation could not go ahead.
At the moment there have been a total of 16 infected persons on Curacao, of which 1 person unfortunately died and there is currently 1 person staying in the hospital, fortunately the other people have recovered well. Curacao has released the strict Lockdown per 8 may, 2020. The airport 'Hato Airport' is still closed for almost all incoming air traffic. We all hope that this can change quickly so that everyone has good prospects again.

Want to follow the current news of the developments regarding the Corona Virus on Curacao? Then we would like to refer you to the website of curacao they give regular updates about the current state of affairs regarding the Corona virus on Curacao.

Current reservations made before March 15, 2020

To this day we have personal contact with all our guests and we come up with appropriate solutions. Guests first inquired about their travel and cancellation insurance. In some situations, this situation is covered by your travel and cancellation insurance.

If you have any questions about your current reservation, we ask you to contact us. We will provide you with a response as soon as possible.

New reservations after March 15, 2020

These are uncertain times ... We like to think along with you to look forward to that well-deserved vacation on Curacao again without running a financial risk.
Many guests ask us that they would like to book their holiday home on Curacao but find it difficult to do so at the moment because we all do not know how long this crisis, and the accompanying travel restrictions, will last. We understand that.
If you cannot travel to Curacao because of the Corona Virus, you can cancel at Holiday Rentals Curacao free of charge.
This applies to all new reservations made from March 15, 2020. View the range of vacation homes on Curacao and look forward to that wonderful holiday on the always sunny Curacao.

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