Current situation Covid19 Curacao

Latest update: 3 september 2020.

The borders of Curacao are open again on July 1. For a long time there were no local infections on Curacao.covid19 curacao
The first local contamination has been detected on 21 August. As of August 21, the first local contamination of corona has been detected on Curacao. So far, no major outbreak and no hospital admissions, which is a positive! So no reason for concern for the time being. At the moment everything is open as usual and only the big events are not allowed and 'closed' clubs are not allowed to open. These are places where there is the greatest risk of infections. Restaurants, bars etc. where you can sit in the open air are accessible.

On Curacao a 2 meter distance rule applies and outside groups of up to 25 people are allowed. In the meantime, healthcare on Curacao has been set up in such a way that the right help can be provided if necessary.

The current situation for tourists

  • As of 7/1/2020 tourists from below countries are allowed to visit Curacao without going into a obligated quarantine:

Countries who are welcome on Curacao without a obligated quarantine

  • Curacao started in July by admitting a total of a maximum of 10,000 travelers from the above countries, this in order to limit the risk as much as possible in the interest of public health. Depending on the course, it will be considered before August whether one will allow several tourists and / or other countries.

What to do before departure:

  • To travel, you must have to do a PCR test 72 hours before departure. The result is checked by the airline before departure and must be printed out. On arrival on Curacao, the result may not be older than 3 days. Only children up to 1 year are exempt. If the result is negative, you can travel to Curacao without quarantine obligations.
  • Reminder; do not forget to fill in your ED card online at least 24 hours before departure. Since October 2019, you can only fill it in online and you will no longer receive a form on the plane. The advantage is that you can use the E-gates and the customs process runs faster (the ED card is currently subject to change and will be completed online around June 24).
  • You must also complete the PCL (passenger Locater Form) form 48 hours before departure. You can download the PCL form here, fill it in and upload it again. Also take the completed form with you on a printed trip.
  • You must be able to demonstrate that you have travel- medical insurance so that you are covered against any medical costs on Curacao. * Tip: Make sure that your insurance has world coverage.
  • During your flight it is mandatory to wear a mouth mask, once you arrive at curacao, not. Bring enough face masks, also for your flight back home.
  • On Curacao, everyone is asked to adhere to the 'social distancing' agreements, in the interest of public health.

* We do our best to provide you with as much information as possible about what is currently known. No rights can be derived from the above information.

Current reservations made before March 15, 2020

To this day we have personal contact with all our guests and we come up with appropriate solutions. Guests first inquired about their travel and cancellation insurance. In some situations, this situation is covered by your travel and cancellation insurance.

If you have any questions about your current reservation, we ask you to contact us. We will provide you with a response as soon as possible.

New reservations after March 15, 2020

These are uncertain times ... We like to think along with you to look forward to that well-deserved vacation on Curacao again without running a financial risk.
Many guests ask us that they would like to book their holiday home on Curacao but find it difficult to do so at the moment because we all do not know how long this crisis, and the accompanying travel restrictions, will last. We understand that.
If you cannot travel to Curacao because of the Corona Virus, you can cancel at Holiday Rentals Curacao free of charge.
This applies to all new reservations made from March 15, 2020. View the range of vacation homes on Curacao and look forward to that wonderful holiday on Curacao.

Update after June 8:

Now that it is known that you can travel to Curacao without quarantine obligation, the condition that you can cancel free of charge expires. If your flight is rebooked to another day and you therefore have to rebook your holiday home, we do not charge any costs for this.

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