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Curacao has many country houses, these used to belong to the plantations. Some still have a function in the form of a restaurant or museums, but quite a few have disappeared.


The history

The country houses, also called plantation houses, were built in the 18th and 19th centuries. The owners built the country houses so that they had a view of their plantation. The slave houses and storage areas were built around the plantation.

Every plantation had a different function. Where only a few grew vegetables and fruit, others were involved in the production of sugar cane, for example. Salt extraction, however, proved to be the most profitable activity. Agriculture was not a very big success on Curacao and with the arrival of the Shell refinery the plantation houses were left to work in the industry.


On  the website of landhuizen van curacao you will find a total overview of all country houses and their location. Below we have selected a number of beautiful country houses that are certainly worth a visit.



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