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Curaçao Carnival is the most spectacular festival of the year. Every year the carnival season starts in the first weeks of January. The highlight is the "Gran Marcha '(Big Parade) and the Farewell Parade, where the streets are filled with bright colors, exotic music and the most beautiful people, costumes and floats pass by.


The parade always starts on the Rooseveltweg in Santa Maria towards the 'Rode Weg' in Otrabanda. The route ends at Brionplein in Otrabanda.

Along the entire route, thousands of people are encouraging and dancing along with the groups. There are various tents that offer snacks and drinks, and many also bring their own cool boxes and folding chairs. A true Caribbean experience.

De Carnival groups

There are dozens of carnival groups, each with their own theme. Each group has its own car with music and food. The route is almost 8 km. for a long time and in the heat, the participants also have to alternate for a while to get some rest. To participate, participants pay around €500,- per person. For this they receive the clothes, food, drinks and of course a fantastic experience.


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