Chi Chi Painting

The Chi Chi is a souvenir that should not be missing in your collection. You can buy them in different places, but it is even more fun to make one yourself! You can choose between a small, large and medium size. View on the website of Chi Chi Curacao which workshops you can follow.

What does Chi Chi mean?

The translation of the Papiamento word Chi Chi means 'bigger sister'. The big sister often takes care of the other family members and with that the Chi Chi is also known as a big role model for the Curacao culture. The chi chi's are painted in all kinds of beautiful colors by local skilled women. This also makes every Chi Chi unique.
Do you not want to paint a Chi Chi yourself, but do you wish what should be displayed on your Chi Chi? It is also possible to have your own Chi Chi made.

Serena's Art Factory is located near the ostrich farm and is open Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.
You can visit the workplace and the store for free.


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