Christoffel National Park

Christoffel Park is the largest national park of Curacao. Nature lovers can enjoy the many species of animals and plants that are not easily found elsewhere on the island. For example, wild orchids, palabrua, rare tropical owl and the Antillean white-tailed deer (of which are only about 250 still live) and much more.


There are eight hiking trails, so that the visitor can choose between a simple walk, for example, or a challenging hike to the summit of Mount Christoffel. The park also organizes special activities, including safaris, deer watching, animal presentations, cave tours, a guided tour through the park and many special trips such as full moon hikes and sunrise safaris.

Climb the Christoffelberg

If you want to climb the mountain, begin the climb as early as possible. During the week you can already climb the mountain from 07:30 am and weekends you can start form at 6:00 am. Be sure to have plenty of water, sunscreen and something to eat with you.

It's a tough climb up, but when you see the view it is worth it.

Visit the website of the National Christoffel park park for all information.


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