Klein Curacao

About 10 kilometers from the coast of Curacao is a unique island, Klein Curacao. The uninhabited island is only three square kilometers. Everyday there are fully organized boat trips to Klein Curaçao. A day trip to Klein Curacao is a fun day for all ages. You can swim in the blue water, enjoy the sun on a white sandy beach and look for sea turtles. For snorkelers and divers, Klein Curaçao offers the perfect opportunity to see the clear blue underwater world.

Trips to Klein Curacao

Below a few boats who offer trips to Klein Curacao.


The sea on the east side of Klein Curaçao is very rough. If you have ever felt like you were getting seasick drink lots of water before you leave Curaçao. Avoid carbonated drinks, caffeinated drinks and nicotine. Eat a good meal in advance and take energy food with you during the boat trip. A pill against seasickness is also a good idea. Hopefully you can enjoy a carefree nice day trip to Klein Curacao with these tips.


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