Willemstad Punda

Willemstad consists of 2 parts. Punda and Otrabanda (the other side). The two districts are connected by the Pontjesbrug (the swinging old lady) and the Juliana Bridge. There are lots of great things to do and see in Punda.

The Round Market

The Ronde market is a lot of fun to watch. It is a round building and local people are selling their stuff inside. You will also find many stalls outside at the round market. You will certainly come home with nice souvenirs.


Tasty local food at Plasa Bieu

Plasa Bieu is only open during the day. Many local people also have lunch there. There are various kitchens and you can sit at a picnic table.
The menu is local, so if you really want to experience the Curacao culture, you should definitely have lunch at Plasa Bieu.


A snack and a drink at Iguana Cafe

Iguana cafe is located on the trading quay and has a great view of the Pontjesbrug and the Juliana bridge. Experience how the large ships sail in while enjoying a delicious cocktail.


Punda vibes

Punda organizes the famous Punda Vibes event every Thursday. The shops are then open, there are market stalls, live music and at the end a fireworks show. During your walk you will come across murals and beautiful art shops of local artists.
A day in Punda means a day full of discovering shops, art, sights, such as the ferry bridge, and relaxing at one of the many cafés and terraces.


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