Money and exchange rate on curacao

The currency on Curacao

On the island of Curaçao, people pay with the Antillean guilder, also called Nafl: Dutch-Antillean florin.
The Antillean guilder is linked to the dollar exchange rate.
Next to the Nafl. The US dollar is also a legal currency in Curaçao. You can pin dollars and guilders. Of course you can also use a credit card or Mastercard. Euros are accepted but you often get an unfavorable exchange rate. So the best thing to do is simply use guilders or dollars as payment.

Exchange rate

For the sake of convenience, the Antillean guilder is often done by half against the euro. So 1 euro is 2 ANG.
Curious about the exact exchange rate of today? View the current exchange rate.

Can I use my bank card on Curacao?

You can use your bank card anywhere. Make sure you set your bank card for global coverage so that you can pin on Curacao. No worries if you've forgotten. You can also easily change it online at your bank.


There are enough ATM machines on Curacao.
On Curacao you have a choice of checkings or savings when you pin in the stores. Choose checkings, this is your current account.
Keep in mind that you will be charged for every transaction.
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