Location Curacao

Curaçao is a tropical island, located in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea. Together with Bonaire and Aruba, it forms the well-known ABC island group, also known as the windward islands.

Curaçao is one of the southernmost islands of the Lesser Antilles and is located in the middle of that group. It is located approximately 52 km west of Bonaire, 67 km east of Aruba and 65 km off the coast of Venezuela. In clear weather you can also see Venezuela.

Flying from Curacao to another destination

From Curacao you have many options for traveling to other destinations. Miami is only a 2.5 hour flight from Curacao.

Aruba for half an hour and Bonaire with 20 minutes. You can also think of a combination trip to Suriname, the Dominican Republic, Sint Maarten or Cuba. Below you will find a number of airlines flying from Curacao to other destinations:

Why Curacao?

Curacao is the largest island of the Benendwind islands and there is therefore a lot to do for young and old, for the active and the peace seeker. It is a combination of Aruba and Bonaire where you will find plenty of activity, crowds, happy hours, tourist beaches and shops in the east of Curacao. If you head towards Westpunt you will discover the beautiful nature, the tranquility, idyllic beaches and beautiful dive sites. 1 week on Curacao is really too short to be able to do everything. Every year we see the same guests who have fallen in love with the island and enjoy their well-deserved vacation on Curacao.

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