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Booking conditions car rental

Article 1 – Formation and content of agreement:

1.1 The contract is formed by the acceptance by the tenant for the offer from Holiday Rentals Curacao. After completion of the contract the tenant receives a confirmation by email, in the form of an invoice.
1.2 Use of the car is entirely at your own risk. Holiday Rentals Curacao is not responsible for any damage during the rental period to the renter and / or third parties.

Article 2 – Payment:

2.1. At the conclusion of the agreement, a deposit of 40% of the total agreed rental price must be paid. If this payment has reached us, the reservation is 100% solid.
2.2 The remainder of the rent must be received six weeks before arrival date by Holiday Rentals Curacao. In case of late payment, the tenant is in default. Holiday Rentals Curacao will remind the tenant by email. He has then still the possibility to pay the amount within 7 working days.  If there is still no payment, the agreement is considered cancelled of the day of default. Holiday Rentals Curacao is entitled to charge €75.- cancellation fee (also see art.6).
2.3. If the travel contract is established within 6 weeks before arrival date, should immediately the entire rent be paid.

Article 3 – Rent:

3.1. The published rental price per day is per car (excluding 9% tax and deposit), unless indicated otherwise.
3.2. The published rental price is based on prices, exchange rates, duties and taxes as at Holiday Rentals Curacao known at the time of printing the publication.

Article 4 – Travel documents:

4.1. Holiday Rentals Curacao makes the required lease documents (invoice) by email in the possession of the traveler.

Article 5 – Changes by the tenant:

5.1 After completion of the agreement, the tenant may request amendments. Subject to the condition that the tenant meets the changed rent deducted from the payments already made. Above that, he has to pay the change costs of €35,-.

Article 6 – Cancellation by the tenant:

6.1. If a contract is cancelled, the tenant is due, next to the reservation and administration costs (€75,-) the following cancellation costs: a. At cancellation 42 hours prior to arrival: the deposit. b. Cancellation from the 42nd day (inclusive) until the 28th day prior to arrival: 60% of the rent. c. Cancellation from the 28th day (inclusive) until the day of arrival: 90% of the rent. d. Cancellation on the day of arrival or later: the full rent.

Article 7 – Deposit:

7.1The tenant pays, by bank, a deposit to Holiday Rentals Curacao for a car rental.  Holiday Rentals Curacao will, at the end of the rental period refund the deposit within 7 days, minus what is owed to Holiday Rentals Curacao, such as cost of not deliver the car with a full tank and damage or missing during your rental period of the car.

As an option you can pay off the deposit for only 15% of the deposit amount. You are thus assured for car damage caused by you within the rental conditions of Holiday Rentals Curacao. Damage caused outside those conditions, such as alcohol, reckless driving or careless parking behavior (see also art. 9), you will be charged for. User damage such as broken or flat tire is not covered when you pay off the deposit.

Article 8 – Obligations Holiday Rentals Curacao:

8.1 Holiday Rentals Curacao is obliged to make the rented available for tenant on the agreed date and time. The exception is only by Force Majeure and in this case Holiday Rentals Curacao provides  a suitable alternative.
8.2 When an accident occurs in your rental period and further driving is not possible then Holiday Rentals Curacao will provide another, at that time available, car. The cost involved of this are for account of Holiday Rentals Curacao.

Article 9 – Obligation tenant:

9.1 Tenant is required to properly use the rented, to comply with applicable laws and traffic regulations, hand back the rented car in good condition and complete with no new damage.
9.2 Driving the car is only allowed for people over 21 years with a valid driving license which the tenant must also be able to display at all times. It is allowed that several drivers, under responsibility of the person who has signed the contract, control the car.
9.3 Damages and costs arising there, caused by reckless driving, alcohol, careless parking behavior and/or leave the car unlocked and windows open and abandonment will be recovered entirely to you and is not within the settlement of the deposit or the pay off deposit.
9.4 It is not allowed to leave belongings unattended in your car, which would invite to make a break in the rental car. The car must always be locked. Damage caused by this failure, shall be recovered fully and you are not within the settlement of the deposit or the pay off deposit.
9.5 In case the tenant is obligated to inform Holiday Rentals Curacao and Curacao Road Service to call directly (199) to prepare a damage report, the vehicle must never be moved. If the car will be moved there can be no damage report to be made and we can (and you) not declare our / your insurance. If there can not handed over a damage report to Holiday Rentals Curacao then the full damage will be charged to the tenant, in accordance with the terms and conditions of our insurance.
9.6 In the event of theft, the tenant is obliged to inform Holiday Rentals Curacao and call the police (911) to have a full report. This report and the car key of the rental car must be submit to Holiday Rentals Curacao. If the tenant is unable to provide the key then the current value of the car will be recovered from the tenant.

Holiday Rental Curacao advises the tenant to take a travel and cancellation insurance (global coverage) to be able  to recover the own contribution for damages on your travel insurance.

Article 10 – Termination by Holiday Rentals Curacao:

10.1. Holiday Rentals Curacao has the right to cancel due to significant circumstances.
10.2. Significant circumstances are: circumstances are such that further alignment of Holiday Rentals Curacao to the agreement can’t reasonably be demanded.
10.3. If the cause of the termination can be attributed to the tenant, the resulting damage comes on behalf of the tenant.

Article 11 – Liability and Force Majeure:

11.1. Holiday Rentals Curacao works as professionally company for rental cars to tourists. Holiday Rentals Curacao is responsible for correct treatment of your booking.
11.2. Due to Force Majeure another vehicle as defined in your booking can be offered.
11.3. Force Majeure is here defined as:  the booked vehicle is not to be used by technical problems or damage, Holiday Rentals Curacao will offer a similar vehicle in cases of Force Majeure.
11.4 If Holiday Rentals Curacao can’t deliver the car that was ordered, but a larger car then the price stays the same and you don’t have to pay additional costs.
11.5 If Holiday Rentals Curacao can’t deliver the car that was ordered, but a similar vehicle, you will receive 10% of the basic rent price, paid by you, in return.
11.6 If Holiday Rentals Curacao can’t deliver the car that was ordered, but one type smaller, you will receive 25% of the basic rent price, paid by you, in return.

Your contact person on Curacao is Holiday Rentals Curacao: