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New! Holiday Rentals Curacao now also offers vacation rentals for sale! We are busy with new listings so stay tuned…

Selling a vacation rental? We understand that selling a property can be a complex process, especially when it comes to a holiday home. That is why we offer a comprehensive service with all expertise under one roof. Read here how you can sell your vacation rental through Holiday Rentals Curacao.

For sale

Waterfront apartment 382-2 Jan Thiel

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Waterfront apartment 382-1 Jan Thiel

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Villa 57 Jan Thiel

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Villa 19 Jan Thiel

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Buying a vacation rental on Curacao

Buying a vacation rental on Curacao is a smart investment, but there are also a few things involved. We are happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation which locations are suitable, what minimum requirements a vacation rental on Curacao must meet, what you can expect in terms of occupancy percentage, what costs you should consider, what income you can expect, etc. etc.

Seen a home for sale elsewhere on Curacao? But are you unsure whether it is suitable for a vacation rental? Contact us, send us as much information as possible about the property and we will be happy to give you a honest advice.

Practical matters – How do I arrange this?

There are many things to consider when purchasing a vacation rental on Curacao. This includes all current bookings, contact with guests, signing the deeds at the notary, transferring water, electricity, internet and requesting a crib number. We are happy to relieve your worries and can arrange this for you.


Who can we contact by telephone for questions about a vacation rental?

You can contact our real estate broker, Rene Bolsenbroek, on telephone number: 0031-617949937 (also whats app).

What is the advantage of purchasing my vacation rental through you?

We strive to make the purchase of a holiday home as easy as possible. The viewing, mediation and continuation of the holiday rental are all arranged by us for you.

I cannot be present to purchase my vacation rental, is that possible?

That’s no problem! We can arrange this for a small fee, as well as the transfer of utilities and/or other matters that can/must be arranged.

Can I view the property at any time?

This is always possible if the vacation rental is not occupied, otherwise we always have to consult with the guests who are celebrating there holiday, when a viewing is appropriate. This also related to the privacy of the guests.