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Group accommodations Curacao

If you looking for a vacation rentals for large groups, then you are here on the right address. We offer many large private villa’s or group accommodations on Curacao. So you can celebrate with friends and / or family the ultimate vacation. On Curacao you will find many vacation rentals for large groups.

Group accommodations Curacao

Holiday Rentals Curacao has a wide range of large holiday homes. Are you coming to Curacao with a large group? Because you are getting married? Or just having fun with your entire family? Ask us about the ideal holiday homes for a large group. We know all the properties and can therefore advise you on which group accommodation on Curacao fits best with your company.

What many vacationers see as an advantage is that when you are traveling with a large group a private villa gives the possibility that a part of the group can stay home with all the luxury and comfort. While the other part of the group can do a different activity. You are not obliged to do the same together all the time, which positively influences the holiday spirit. It is a very different experience than when you stay in a hotel room. And another advantage; financially it is also a lot cheaper to share the costs with each other!

Villa's op Curacao met een seperaat appartement of guesthouseRent several cars with a large group

Our advice is always, if you come with a larger group, to rent several rental cars than 1 larger rental car on Curacao. This way everyone retains his freedom to complete the vacation as he / she wants. With car rental Curacao you can choose from various types and when you book the holiday with us you will receive a nice discount. If you book more, we will give an extra discount. Your rental car will be delivered free of charge to your holiday home, several drivers are possible from the age of 21 years old and with us there is the unique possibility to buy off the deposit (WA) (all risk).

Renting group accommodations Curacao

If you want something more private as a group, it is also possible to rent several holiday homes at the same time, for example at the blue bay beach and golf resort or the marbella resort in jan thiel. We can imagine that you need advice in all of this choices you have. Of course we can also make a selection for you and send you a number of optional options.

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