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Discover Curacao

Experience the Caribbean atmosphere, do many activities and stay in a fantastic holiday home to relax!

Discover Curacao

Discover Curacao

There are countless different activities to do on curacao. In addition to visiting the many wonderful beaches, there is so much more that Curacao has to offer.


The big sights such as a visit to the Christoffel Park with a climb to the top for an unforgettable view, a visit to the National Sheta Boka park or a boottrip to the idyllic island Klein Curacao where you dream away in the Aqua blue sea and that is just a small list of what you should definitely not miss.


A visit to the historic city of Willemstad to explore the the culture, shop for the necessary souvenirs and admire the famous ‘Pontjes Brug’ (swinging old lady) should also be on your to do list. Curacao also has many museums and old country houses with a rich history.

Activities for children

There is also plenty to do with small children. A visit to the sea aquarium, the dolphin academy, the ostrich farm or a day at the zoo will be a great experience for them.

And this is just a small list of what there is to do on curacao.
We therefore recommend that you definitely rent a car to discover all this beauty on the island of Curacao.