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Sights Curacao

Curacao has a lot of fun and interesting sights. We have made a selection for you of the top 10 sights that you should not miss. Curacao is ideally suited to rent a car and discover the island independently. Discover the West of Curacao and visit the National Shete Boka Park and Christoffel Park. Beautiful nature parks where you can admire a lot of flora and fauna. Continue your route towards Wespunt and relax on one of the many beautiful white sandy beaches that Curacao has such as Playa Kalki, Playa grandi, Playa Jeremi and Lagun. These beautiful beaches are definitely worth a visit.

1.  Shete Boka National Park

Shete Boka is one of the biggest national parks of Curacao. The coastline is over 10 km long and has several bays where various species of turtles lay their eggs. A boka is actually an inlet. One of the most famous attraction of the park is Boka Tabla, a cave that one side is accessible from land, and where on the other side the sea is flowing in.


There are two trails; The Boka Pistol Trail and the Boka Wandomi Trail. Both walks take about an hour. In the Boka Pistol Trail you will be brought to Boka Brown where the sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. Boka Pistol you arrive where the waves strike against the shore like if there are explosions of water. The Boka Wandomi Trail will take you past blocks of lava Stone, you will be brought to Boka Wandomi and the place where the sea created the natural bridge in Curacao.
Visit the website of the Sheta Boka park for all information.

2.  Sea Aquarium

You can discover the sea aquarium yourself, but there are also various planned activities during the day.
Enjoy the dolphin show where trainers show what the dolphins can do. There are also sea lions in the park. The trainer tells a lot of facts about the animals and there is also plenty of room to ask questions. At certain times you can experience how the sharks and flamingos are fed and you can participate in the tour through the Sea Aquarium where you can learn everything about the flora and fauna that can be seen.
The Sea Aquarium is open every day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and guarantees a fun-filled day.

3.  Christoffel National park

Christoffel Park is the largest national park of Curacao. Nature lovers can enjoy the many species of animals and plants that are not easily found elsewhere on the island. For example, wild orchids, palabrua, rare tropical owl and the Antillean white-tailed deer (of which are only about 250 still live) and much more.
There are eight hiking trails, so that the visitor can choose between a simple walk, for example, or a challenging hike to the summit of Mount Christoffel. The park also organizes special activities, including safaris, deer watching, animal presentations, cave tours, a guided tour through the park and many special trips such as full moon hikes and sunrise safaris.

Climb the Christoffelberg

If you want to climb the mountain, begin the climb as early as possible. During the week you can already climb the mountain from 07:30 am and weekends you can start form at 6:00 am. Be sure to have plenty of water, sunscreen and something to eat with you. It’s a tough climb up, but when you see the view it is worth it.

4.  The Hato caves

The Hato Caves are located on the northern part of the island, near Hato airport. These caves were used by fugitive slaves who lived in the caves often for months. The caves have an area of 4900 square meters and there are still 1500 years old petroglyphs you can see.  A tour guide will guide you through the caves and it will be an experience.
The Hato Caves are spacious, there is light and there are good footpaths. Furthermore, you’ll see underground rivers and waterfalls. There are also a lot of bats in the Hato Caves. The hato caves are open daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m, view the website of the Hato Caves for more information.

5.  ‘Klein Curacao’

About 10 kilometers from the coast of Curacao is a unique island, Klein Curacao. The uninhabited island is only three square kilometers. Everyday there are fully organized boat trips to Klein Curaçao. A day trip to Klein Curacao is a fun day for all ages. You can swim in the blue water, enjoy the sun on a white sandy beach and look for sea turtles. For snorkelers and divers, Klein Curaçao offers the perfect opportunity to see the clear blue underwater world. Below a few boat company’s who offer trips to Klein Curacao.

The sea on the east side of Klein Curaçao is very rough. If you have ever felt like you were getting seasick drink lots of water before you leave Curaçao. Avoid carbonated drinks, caffeinated drinks and nicotine. Eat a good meal in advance and take energy food with you during the boat trip. A pill against seasickness is also a good idea. Hopefully you can enjoy a carefree nice day trip to Klein Curacao with these tips.

6.  The Ostrich Farm

The ostrich farm was build to breed ostriches for their meat, skin and eggs, but nowadays it has become a popular attraction. Ostriches are the fastest ratites in the world and can run 70 mph. This and many other facts of the ostriches you can discover at this unique farm.

Safari tour

If you want to see the ostriches nearby you can join the safari tour and the safari truck. A fun Antillean guide will tell you everything you need to know about the ostriches. You get the chance to feed ostriches or even let them eat from your hand while a group of other ostriches are trying to get the food too. Also you will see crocodiles during the safari tour. After the tour you can eat delicious ostrich in the Zambezi restaurant and admire the African images. The ostrich farm is open daily from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and only on Friday nights, upon reservation, open for dinner. Visit the website of the ostrich farm for more information.

7.  Distillery Chobolobo

Blue Curacao is undoubtedly one of the most famous liquors in the world. Landhuis Chobolobo, built in the 19th century, is the home of the Genuine Curacao liquer and one of the few manons on Curacao which is free to visit. A visit to the Genuine Curacao distillery is a journey through local history. You will learn all about the Senior Liquers and experience the taste as it is already produced since 1896. The trained tour guides will take you on a journey and provide in-depth knowledge. You can then enjoy one of the signature cocktails made with Senior Liqueurs. Opening hours are monday through friday from 8.00 till 17.00 pm. Chobolobo is open to all ages and fun for the whole family. View the website of Chobolobo for more information.

8.  Willemstad – Punda

Willemstad consists of 2 parts. Punda and Otrabanda (the other side). The two districts are connected by the Pontjesbrug (the swinging old lady) and the Juliana Bridge. There are lots of great things to do and see in Punda. The Ronde market is a lot of fun to watch. It is a round building and local people are selling their stuff inside. You will also find many stalls outside at the round market. You will certainly come home with nice souvenirs. Plasa Bieu is only open during the day. Many local people also have lunch there.The menu is local, so if you really want to experience the Curacao culture, you should definitely have lunch at Plasa Bieu. Iguana cafe is located on the trading quay and has a great view of the Pontjesbrug and the Juliana bridge. Experience how the large ships sail in while enjoying a delicious cocktail.

Punda vibes

Punda organizes the famous Punda Vibes event every Thursday. The shops are then open, there are market stalls, live music and at the end a fireworks show. During your walk you will come across murals and beautiful art shops of local artists. A day in Punda means a day full of discovering shops, art, sights, such as the ferry bridge, and relaxing at one of the many cafés and terraces.

9.  Willemstad – Otrabanda

With Dushi walks you can take a very nice walk through Otrabanda. You go through streets where you would not otherwise go and learn a lot about the city district and the people who live there. The gouvernor has a beautiful location on Anna Bay. You have a nice view of the Pontjesbrug, the incoming ships and you can eat deliciously. The Riffort is a defensive work which was built in 1828 to 1829 century by the Dutch. Located at the entrance of St. Anna Bay in Willemstad, the aim was to defend the island against pirates and other uninvited guests. The Riffort is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. You will now find many shops and restaurants but the old elements have been preserved, so definitely worth a visit.

10. Aloe Vera Plantage

In the East of Curacao you will find the Aloe Vera plantation. Near the Ostrich farm and the herb garden of Dina Veerish.
So definitely a nice combination to combine these activities if you are in the area.
The plantation is open every day from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and can be visited free of charge. The employees are happy to give you information about the plantation and the production process. The Aloe Vera plant has very beneficial properties that rejuvenate tissue, cleanse the body and even reduce fatigue. In the store of CurAloe, which is located on the plantation, you have many products that you can buy. The staff will gladly advise you about the various products and which suits you best. Want to come home to your own holiday home after a day of sight seeing?

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