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Booking conditions

Holiday Rentals Curacao BV is a professional mediator for you in the rental of a holiday home on Curacao. Therefore, the owner of the holiday home has a contract with you under the following booking conditions which are mentioned below.

Holiday Rentals Curacao BV is located at Johannes Vermeerlaan 25 in Hillegom, the Netherlands with Chamber of Commerce no. 58864679.

Article 1 – Formation and content of agreement:

The contract is formed by the acceptance by the tenant for the offer from Holiday Rentals Curacao. After completion of the contract the tenant receives a confirmation by email, in the form of an invoice.

Article 2 – Payment:

1. At the conclusion of the agreement, a deposit of 40% of the total agreed rental price must be paid. If this payment has reached us, the reservation is 100% solid. 2. The remainder of the rent must be received six weeks before arrival date by Holiday Rentals Curacao. In  case of late payment, the tenant is in default. Holiday Rentals Curacao will remind the tenant by email. He has then still the possibility to pay the amount within 7 work days.  If there is still no payment, the agreement is considered cancelled of the day of default. Holiday Rentals Curacao is entitled to charge €75.- cancellation fee. 3. If the travel contract is established within 6 weeks before arrival date, should immediately the entire rent be paid.

Article 3 – Rent: 1.

The published rental price is per accommodation, unless indicated otherwise. 2. The published rental price is based on prices, exchange rates, duties and  taxes as at Holiday Rentals Curacao known at the time of printing the publication.

Article 4Travel documents:

Holiday Rentals Curacao make the required lease documents (invoice) by email in the possession of the traveller.

Article 5 – Changes by the tenant:

After completion of the agreement, the tenant may request amendments. A amendment means adjusting the reservation within the agreed rental period. For example, adding a late check out, an interim cleaning, adjusting the number of people, etc. Subject to the condition that the tenant meets the changed rent deducted from the payments already made. Above that, he has to pay the change costs of €35,-.

Article 6 – Cancellation by the tenant:

If a contract is cancelled, the tenant is due, next to the reservation and administration costs (€75,-) the following cancellation costs:
a. At cancellation more than 42 days prior to  arrival: the deposit (40% of the rent)
b. Cancellation from the 42nd day (inclusive) until the 28th day prior to arrival: 60% of the rent.
c. Cancellation from the 28th day (inclusive) until the day of arrival: 90% of the rent.
d. Cancellation on the day of arrival or later: the full rent.

Article 7 – Deposit:

The tenant pays, by bank, a deposit to Holiday Rentals Curacao for the rented accommodation.  Holiday Rentals Curacao will, at the end of the rental period,  refund the deposit within 7 days, minus what is owed to Holiday Rentals Curacao, such as usage of electricity / water, damage, etc.

Article 8 – Obligations Holiday Rentals Curacao:

Holiday Rentals Curacao is obliged to make the rented available and in good condition for tenant on the agreed date and time.

Article 9 – Obligation tenant:

Tenant is required to properly use the rented and hand back in good condition, clean
and complete, with no damage.  Major cleaning costs are not included in the rent.

Article 10 – Damage:

Tenant is liable for the damage to the rented property, including damage or loss (part of) inventory, caused during the rental period and through the fault of the tenant. Holiday Rentals Curacao advises the tenant to a travel and cancellation insurance.

Article 11 – Cost recovery:

The costs of normal maintenance and repairs will be for the owner. Should defects occur, the tenant must immediately notify the manager / owner of the property and follow it’s instructions as good as possible. Any costs made therefore by the tenant are paid back by the owner, if the manager  / owner agrees and approves.

Article 12 – Cancellations by Holiday Rentals Curacao:

1: Holiday Rentals Curacao has the right to cancel due to significant circumstances. 2: Significant circumstances are such that further alignment of Holiday Rentals Curacao to the agreement  cannot reasonably be demanded. 3: If the cause of the termination can be allocated to the tenant, the resulting damages are to be paid by the tenant.

Article 13 – Amendment by Holiday Rentals Curacao:

1: Holiday Rentals Curacao reserves the right to change  the agreed service due to grave (force majeure) conditions. He shall notify this within 72 hours (3 days) to the tenant, after Holiday Rentals Curacao is aware of these changes. 2a: In case of changes, Holiday Rentals Curacao give the tenant an alternative offer. He does this within 72 hours (3 days). 2b: The alternative offer has to be at least equivalent. Equivalence of alternative accommodation should be judged by objective criteria and should be determined to the following condition: the location of accommodation in the place of destination, the type and class of the facility the accommodation offers. 2c.: the tenant who uses his right to change or reject the alternative offer, must express this within 72 hours (3 days) after receiving the notice of the change or alternative offer.  2d.: In that case, Holiday Rentals Curacao has the right to cancel the contract immediately. He must, on pain of forfeiture, make use of this right within 72 hours (3 days) after receiving the notice of the refusal by the tenant. The tenant has, in that case, right of remission or refund the rent (or, if the trip is enjoyed partly, to repay a proportionate part thereof) within 2 weeks. 3a: If the cause of the change can be attributed to Holiday Rentals Curacao, the resulting damage to the passenger will be on behalf of Holiday Rentals Curacao. Whether this is the case, is determined on the basis of Article 14. 3b: If  the cause of the change can be attributed to the tenant, the resulting damage is to be paid by the tenant. 3c: If the cause of the change can neither be attributed to the tenant nor to Holiday Rentals Curacao, both parties pay their own damage.  3d: If the cause of change lies in an airplane company, Holiday Rentals Curacao is never held responsible.

Article 14 – Liability and Force Majeure:

1: Holiday Rentals Curacao works as a professional agent for renting private holiday homes to tourists. Holiday Rentals Curacao is responsible for correct execution of your booking. The owners of these houses are liable for their property and the rent of it. Holiday Rentals Curacao know all these properties in detail and that these properties meet the description on our website.
The tenant has the right to receive the rented house as it is described on the site, this falls under the responsibility of Holiday Rentals Curacao. 2: Each owner has a manager who manages the property and which ensures a clean and complete house. This manager acts on behalf of the owner and has as mission to offer the property as defined on the website. With disputes about the property of parts of the house, Holiday Rentals Curacao will  mediate between the tenant and the home owner to a good and acceptable final result for the tenant and owner. Houses  that (no longer) meet the high standards of Holiday Rentals Curacao will be removed immediately from our offer on the website. If an owner can’t meet the rental as described, Holiday Rentals Curacao makes sure to offer a comparable alternative. 3: For failure caused by force majeure, Holiday Rentals Curacao will make every effort to provide a solution within the limits of the circumstances. This, too, in direct consultation with the home owner. Force majeure means unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond the control of the person relies on and whose effects, despite all precautions, could not be avoided. Examples of force majeure are natural disaster, storm or flood, strikes, burglary or robbery, construction activities in the environment, war threats, house isn’t rentable (for example caused by fire or sale).

In General:

Holiday Rentals Curacao is a professional company in the rental mediation of holiday homes on Curacao and in the meantime we have more then 20 years experience.

Holiday Rentals Curacao means a safe and secure booking of a holiday home with correct booking conditions and 100% service from our company.