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Water sports on Curacao

Discover the water sports on Curacao and enjoy the wonderful climate, the pleasant water temperature and the relaxed life. Curacao is surrounded by a beautiful sea and that makes many water sports possible. There are calm waters, but also turbulent waters. This ensures that there are many places on the water where different water sports enthusiasts can enjoy themselves. Discover below a range of activities on and around the water on Curacao.

1. Diving on Curacao

Discover the wonderful underwater world of Curacao! Nowhere in the world will you find such beautiful natural treasures below sea level. You can go to 40 different places on Curacao with a total of 65 locations where you can dive. There are many providers on the island that offer test dives, courses and boat dives. You will also often find a diving school on the many beaches. Dive spots that you should definitely see are:

  • Mushroom Forest
  • Playa Kalki
  • Playa Porto Mari
  • Tug Boat
  • Klein Curacao

Experience the wonderful underwater world of Curacao and take a dip in the Caribbean Sea.

2. Kiting: a water sport for the dare devil

Kiting is a water sport for those who dare! On Curacao you can kite in a number of places and actually the whole year round there is a good wind to be able to kite. Santa Martha Bay, Sint Joris Bay and Klein Curacao are places where you can go kiting. The boat trip to Klein Curacao takes on average about 3 hours. Below are 3 kite schools on Curacao.

3. Aquafari

A unique water sport! Discover the underwater world on a water scooter. A unique experience for young and old. You do not need any diving experience and from 10 years old you can already experience this adventure. You move on a water scooter through the Caribbean Sea and will receive short instructions in advance and of course there will be supervisors who will show you the way and help where necessary. Be overwhelmed by the beautiful fish, the natural coral and the tranquility that you will experience underwater. You can find Aquafari at Pirate Bay – Piscadera.

4. Wind Surfing

Curacao is super suitable for windsurfing. This is due to the almost always present trade wind and because the temperature is always nice and warm, you don’t have to worry if you do fall off your board. The locations where you can go windsurfing are the Spanish water and the Sint Joris bay. These are calm waters which are suitable for the beginner and the professional windsurfer. At Windsurfing Curacao they pretend that you can windsurf after 1 hour, are you up for the challenge? The Surf School can be found beyond the Caracas Bay, directly on the Spanish Water. If you can already surf, it is of course also possible to rent your gear there and immediately discover the Spanish water on your windsurf board.

5. Water skiing

Are you fond of water skiing or would you like to do it or learn it? That is also possible on Curacao. Some of the companies you can inquire with are:

6. Jet skiing

Experience the power of a jet ski and discover Curacao by water. For example, sail along the beach of Mambo Beach, through the Caracas Bay or the Spanish water and be amazed by the beautiful natural beauty. You may still see flying fish on the way. At Marie Pompoen you can book various jet ski Tours at Chi Chi Jetski.

7. Boating and Sailing

Experience the tranquility of the water and discover Curacao by means of a (sailing) boat. Providers who organize boat trips:

A day trip to the idyllic island of Klein Curacao or another fun water sport activity is possible with:

8. Fly boarding

At zapata Flyboard Caribbean you can fly above the water and dive like a dolphin. When flyboarding, the flyboard is connected to a water scooter (jet ski) with a long, thin hose. The water scooter provides the necessary water pressure so that the fly boarder rises out of the water, reaching a height of more than sixteen meters! Speeds of more than 40 kilometers per hour can be achieved. The adrenaline rushes through your body at that moment. This activity is suitable from 10 years and older and is really not very difficult to do. Zapata Flyboard Caribbean can be found at Jan Thiel – Zanzibar.

Want to relax in your own holiday home with private pool after an active water sport activity? View the range of holiday homes on Curacao.