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Selling vacation rental

At Holiday Rentals Curacao “The vacation rental broker” we strive to make selling a vacation rental as easy as possible for the homeowner. We understand that selling a property can be a complex process, especially when it comes to a vacation rental. That is why we offer a comprehensive service with all expertise under one roof.

A fair commission %

Customers who use Holiday Rentals Curacao as a total solution pay 3% commission on the sale of their vacation rental, instead of the usual 4% charged by regular real estate agents and this is why:

  • The vacation rental is already online with us, so we do not have to take pictures.
  • We already have most of the information, so we can list your vacation rental very quickly.

The condition for putting your vacation rental up for sale with us is that the vacation rental is already online with us or is potentially suitable to be rented out as a vacation rental. Is your property not yet online at Holiday Rentals Curacao? Read here how it works.

3% commission

No extra costs

More than 20 years of experience

Large customer database

Personal and fast service

How it works


Holiday Rentals Curacao offers you a unique formula in the sense that we are the only vacation rental broker on Curacao. We have all the necessary expertise and more than 20 years of experience. Furthermore, we can link our exclusive services to a reduced rate of 3%. Our structured process offers guidance from start to finish, with one dedicated broker. Sell with confidence and ease.

Step 1: Meet Your Holiday Rentals Curaçao Agent
During our first conversation we will explain our vision and what we can do for you. We look at your situation, discuss sales opportunities and listen to your expectations. Together we will see whether these are feasible.

Step 2: Swift Market Analysis
We start with a thorough analysis to determine the optimal sales price for your vacation rental. We consider factors such as location, maintenance, size, renovations and the neighborhood. By comparing with recent sales and other available properties in the area, we find the ideal position for your vacation rental. In the dynamic housing market, where prices are rising, we stay current and give you advice on the asking price. Together we choose the best sales strategy that meets your needs.

Step 3: Impactful Presentation
Give your vacation rental maximum attention with our professional photos. These are placed with target group-oriented text on our website, in a sales brochure and other strategic channels.

Step 4: Arrange Viewings
After your vacation rental has been well presented, we plan viewings with interested buyers. Holiday Rentals Curacao offers various types of viewings, such as personal viewings, online viewings and ‘Come and See’ moments without a specific appointment. We will coordinate with you when the viewings will take place. As a seller, you are not supposed to be present during the home visits. Potential buyers are often more honest and critical about the home in the presence of a real estate agent. This promotes a realistic assessment and provides valuable feedback for future presentations and subsequent negotiations.

Step 5: Negotiations
Negotiations are unique, and we determine a strategy together with you, where price and conditions are important. We act transparently and share every offer with you. We follow ethical standards and only look after your interests. Based on the conditions, you choose which buyer you allocate your home to, with the support of your Holiday Rentals Curacao vacation rental broker.

Step 6: Agreement
Once the buyer, in collaboration with you, has reached an agreement on the purchase agreement, the agent sends it, along with signatures, relevant documents, and a copy of your ID, to the notary.

Step 7: To the Notary
Various documents may be required, such as a cadastral extract (survey), civil status extract, marriage register extract, passport, etc. Upon receiving these documents, the notary sets a date and time for signing the deed of delivery. Adequate preparation protects against liability risks.

Step 8: Deed Passing and Key Handover
A few days before the appointment with the notary to transfer your vacation rental, you receive a draft of the delivery deed and a settlement from the notary. Your Holiday Rentals Curaçao broker reviews the draft with you to verify if all data is correct.

Step 9: After Sales
Holiday Rentals Curacao aims to provide the best real estate services. Therefore, we highly value evaluating the sales process with you. We welcome all feedback, whether in the form of a rating, testimonial, review, or customer satisfaction survey.

Why choose “Holiday Rentals Curacao – The vacation rental Broker”?


1. Valuation: If necessary, we can arrange an appraiser to determine the value of the vacation rental. This is especially important when determining the sales price.
2. Sales price: We work closely with the homeowner to determine the sales price of the vacation rental. We provide a realistic price that matches the market value and the wishes of the homeowner.
Viewings: The viewings are organized in consultation with the property manager of the vacation rental. We schedule viewings at convenient times so that potential buyers can view the vacation rental.
4. Authorization: The homeowner can authorize us to act on their behalf, including signing documents. This simplifies the process and provides convenience for the homeowner.
5. Mediation: We act as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer, especially with regard to taking over the current bookings and their settlement. This ensures a smooth transition and proper settlement of all financial aspects.
Transfer of facilities: If desired, we can arrange the transfer of essential facilities such as water and electricity connections, internet, bank accounts and the crib number. However, this may incur additional costs depending on the specific services.
7. Quickly online: because we have all rental history, including photos, of the vacation rental in our database, we can make the process of putting the house on the market quick and easy. You also do not have to make a new photo report of your vacation rental.
We are active on social media and with 20 years of experience we have a large regular customer base and many followers.
No worries: existing reservations can easily be taken over, so that the seller, buyer and the guest are not inconvenienced.
No costs: If we do not sell your vacation rental, you will not have any costs.

In short, “Holiday Rentals Curacao – The vacation rental Broker” offers an extensive service to make the sale of your vacation rental as efficient and problem-free as possible. We aim to manage all aspects of the sales process and support the homeowner every step of the way.

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