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A holiday to Curacao does not have to be expensive!

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Cheap vacation to Curacao

Especially if you are traveling with several people, a holiday home on Curacao is often cheaper than a hotel. Daarb. In addition, a holiday home has the advantage that you have your own kitchen and large fridge at your disposal, so that you do not have to have breakfast, lunch or dinner outside the door every day.

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Blue Bay Beach Curacao

Cheap supermarkets Curacao

Groceries are relatively expensive on Curacao. After all, most of it has to be imported from the Netherlands and/or the USA. But Curacao has many (super) markets where you can do your shopping cheaply. Choose local products because they are generally cheaper. The supermarkets are open daily, most also on Sundays and public holidays, with perhaps slightly adjusted opening hours.

Good to know: On Curacao people are used to having the groceries packed for you. The person walks with you to your car so you are completely unburdened. It is then customary to give the person a few guilders. This is also their salary. If you do not want to tip, you must indicate this immediately. No change? At the cash register you can ask if they want to withdraw a few guilders extra.

Mangusa Hypermarket – Cas Coraweg

The Mangusa hypermarket in Santa Rosa is a huge supermarket where you have a lot of choice. Not only for food/drinks, but also for care products, kitchen inventory, etc. Especially when you are traveling with a larger group, you can do your shopping here.

Mangusa Hypermarkt
Cas Coraweg 43

Opening hours:
Mon-Thurs 08:00 – 19:00
Fri-Sat 08:00 – 20:00
Sunday 08:30 – 13:00

Esperamos – Jan Noorduynweg

Esperamos is a local shop. You will find many specialty beers, superfoods and vegan products here.

Jan noordduynweg 60

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat: 8:00 – 19:30
Sunday: 8:00– 15:00

Vreugdenhil – Caracasbaaiweg

Vreugenhil is comparable to Spar. The vegetables in particular are relatively cheap here and you can also get the ‘Gewoon’ brand (Jumbo) here.

Schubappelweg z/n (Side road of Caracasbaaiweg)

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat 08:00-20:00
Sunday 08:00-13:00

Center Supermarket Piscadera and Mahaai

Centrum supermarket is also an extensive and very neat store. You will find everything you are looking for here. .

Center Piscadera
Road to Bullenbaai

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat: 7:30 – 20:00
Sunday: 7:30 – 17:00

Center Mahaai
S.B.N. Doormanweg s/n

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat: 7:30 – 20:00
Sunday: 7:30 – 17:00


Curacao has many small shops ‘toko’s. These are small supermarkets that you cannot walk through, but where you can tell the cashier what you need and they will get it for you. An exception is Luna Park. This is a big store. The advantage is that they are open until very late.

Caracasbaaiweg 197

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat: 7:30 – 22:00
Sunday: 8:00 – 20:00

The Floating Market

The floating market in Punda was no longer there for a while due to the circumstances in Venezuela, but since mid-2023 the so-called ‘barkjes’ have been there again. Here you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables at the market for a competitive price.

In addition, you also have the van den Tweel supermarket at 2 locations. Jan Thiel is a smaller branch and the larger branch is located at Zeelandia. Not the cheapest but if you are looking for well-known products you will find them here. Near the Blue Bay golf and Beach resort you will find Carrefour in the Sambil shopping mall. Not the cheapest either, but a delicious French pastry department..

Budget dining on Curacao

Of course, you can light the BBQ at home, but it is also a pleasure that someone cook for you. Curacao also has many fast-good chains such as KFC, Mc Donalds, Burger king, Domino’s and snack bars where you can get food for little money, but it is a shame to eat here on Curacao. Get to know the Curacao cuisine and enjoy the local specialties, in special places for not a lot of money.

Furthermore, on Curacao, from around 9:00 PM, you will see the so-called ‘Truki Pans’ everywhere. You should definitely try it once. Truki pans are mobile snack bars where you can order delicious plates or sandwiches with meat and fish.


During the day on Curacao you will see many food trucks along the road as you know them from festivals. But on Curacao they are there all year round. You can get delicious batidos (fruit shakes), pastechis, soshesi demansa (sausage rolls) and empanadas here.

Plasa Bieu

You should definitely have experienced Plasa Bieu. No luxury furnishings, but beautiful women behind large stoves who only prepare local dishes. Fresh fish, tender meat, funchi, stews, cactus soup, etc. You really have to discover it for yourself. Plasa Bieu is only open for lunch.

De Visserij – Piscadara

This one should definitely not be missing from your list. Iit has become very touristic in terms of crowds, but the concept has remained the same. You have to queue to make your order but it is a beautiful location with really delicious fish for little money and an experience in itself. Our favorite is definitely the fresh tuna!

Old Dutch – Punda

An eatery that we like to go to ourselves is the restaurant Old Dutch. An extensive menu, always good quality year-on-year (that is sometimes different) and for a competitive price. The large schnitzel and the wrap special are our favorites.

De buren en Plein Café Wilhelmina – Willemstad

These 2 restaurants are located next to each other and offer a daily special. You can get a delicious meal for 8,-. Both restaurants have a large menu. . Restaurant ‘de Buren’ has a local special on Thursdays. You will then receive a 25% discount on all local dishes. . Tip! Order the delicious local dish, Keshi Yena (rice with melted cheese, prunes, pulled chicken, olives and more..)

Happy hours Curacao

Curacao is known for its many happy hours. A drink is relatively expensive on Curacao. For example, you quickly pay around 6,- for a glass of wine. Happy hours are therefore a nice bonus for your budget vacation to Curacao. Curious about all happy hours on Curacao? Check out the K-pasa which is published weekly with all happy hours, specials, fun activities and more..

Below are 6 happy hours that you should not miss:

De Buren en Plein Café Wilhelmina – Punda (Willemstad)

‘De Buren’ has a daily happy hour from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. 2 hours! In addition, they also serve a delicious daily special with a 25% discount every day. You will find Plein Café right next to ‘De Buren’. They also have a daily happy hour from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM and serve a ‘dish of the day’ every day for only 8,- Good for your wallet!

Netto bar – Otrobanda (Willemstad)

This bar should definitely be on your bucket list to Curacao. . It is the oldest bar in Curacao and is known for its green rum. . The locals also like to stay here. The bar is almost a museum so don’t forget to study the walls. OOn Fridays there is happy hour here from 17:00-18:00 PM.

Chill en Bonita – Mambo beach

You should definitely also visit Mambo beach and it is very busy here on Fridays. Chill starts happy hour on Fridays at 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM. The Bonita next door starts happy hour at 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM. So you can enjoy happy hours on the beach and by the sea for 2 hours.

Zanzibar – Jan Thiel

Zanzibar is known for its weekly happy hour on Saturdays from 5-6 PM with live music. Here you can get delicious oven pizzas that you can eat relaxed on the beach.

Blend Beach Bar – Blue Bay

At the Blue Bay Golf and Beach resort you will find the Blend Beach Bar on the bounty beach. There is a daily happy hour from 5-6 PM and live music on Fridays. Order delicious bites and enjoy the island life on Curacao!

Hemmingway – Sea Aquarium beach

There is a happy hour on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM. Sundays in particular are very popular, also among the locals. . This because of the salsa band that plays every Sunday, so feet off the floor and swing with the hips.

Budget activities Curacao

Is your budget not that big or do you just like to do as many things as possible for not too much money? That is possible on Curacao. We have listed 6, almost free, activities for you.


Beach bag, snorkels, cool box (you can also buy a cheap cool box in the supermarket), get a bag of ice for €1.50, buy a cheap disposable BBQ, fill the cool box with what you like and go with the flow. Curacao has more than 30 beaches, many of which are free. Beautiful quiet bays where you can enjoy the peace, nature and the aqua blue sea and that costs you nothing! ! Beaches in the East where you do not have to pay an entrance fee are, for example, Caracas Bay, Directors Bay and Sint Joris Bay.

The West of Curacao has the most options: Grote Knip, Kleine Knip, Playa Jeremi, Lagun, Daaibooibaai are all beaches where you do not have to pay an entrance fee and can bring your own food and drinks.

The blue room

Many tour operators offer a trip to the blue room by boat, but you can also easily get there yourself. The blue room is a true natural phenomenon. Because of the sunlight, the water inside the cave is so clear blue, breathtaking! Via the Santa Cruz beach (free) it is about a 20-minute walk to the blue room. You can enter the water here and you need to swim a very short distance under water to enter the cave. Enjoy and don’t forget your goggles!

Discover Willemstad

Willemstad is ideally suited to explore by yourself. Of course there are many existing walking tours, but the size is manageable and if you look up in advance what you want to see, you can easily map out your own walking route. What you should not miss is the famous trade quay, the pontoon bridge, the floating market, plasa bieu where you can enjoy delicious local food, the synagogue, Otrobanda and the riffort.


Curacao has many hiking areas where you can enjoy the peace and nature. If you go for a walk, it is wise to do this as early or as late as possible because of the heat. Bring plenty of water with you and protect yourself from the sun as much as possible. View 10 free hiking routes here

Tour Westpunt

If you do a tour towards Westpunt, you can also see a lot of free things along the way. Take Ascenscion as a starting point. Every 1st Sunday of the month there is an open house and a nice local market. There is also a car route to Boca Ascenscion. This is a beautiful bay where you often see turtles. Continue your route to Watamula, the northern tip of Curacao. Here you will find the ‘blow hole’. A beautiful natural spectacle. Continue to Willibrordes where you can see the Flamingos, end your tour at Santa Martha Bay and enjoy the fantastic view.

Tour Oostpunt

Take Jan Thiel as starting point. Drive via the Caracasbaai towards Fort Beekenburg. You can park at the Fort and go up on foot where you have a beautiful view over the Caracas Bay. A few minutes down the road you can see the abandoned Quarantine building and then visit Directors Bay (you’ll probably have the beach to yourself). You pass the ‘Kabrietenberg’ (Mountain) and then park your car at tug boat. Here you can snorkel beautifully! There is also a shop with all kinds of beautiful souvenirs made of driftwood. There is also an option to paint your own sign.

Budget Rental Car Curacao

Of course, you need a rental car to be able to do all this. View budget rental cars on Curacao here and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.