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Driving a car on curacao

Driving a car on Curacao is not very different from driving in your own country. Many traffic rules will be the same. The traffic rules and road signs that you see on Curacao are the same as in the Netherlands, but there are also differences.

Driving a car on Curacao; the traffic rules


You can drive 40 km per hour in built-up areas. There will be 60 outside built-up areas and 80 on motorways.

Right of way:

At an intersection, drivers from the right do NOT have right of way unless otherwise indicated by traffic signs. Sometimes shark teeth on the road surface are worn away, so when in doubt, do not take right of way and pay close attention to other traffic.


At larger roundabouts, a priority sign and / or shark teeth on the road usually indicate that drivers driving on the roundabout have priority over drivers entering the roundabout. However, if there is no right of way sign and shark teeth at a roundabout, the same rules apply as for a regular intersection and drivers from the right have right of way. This means that drivers driving on the roundabout must give way to drivers who wish to enter the roundabout. To catch up You must overtake on the left, but on roads with separate lanes and two or more lanes in each direction, overtaking is allowed on the right.

Audible signals:

Officially, audible signals are only permitted if there is an immediate risk of collision. But on Curacao the horn is often used as a thank you, if you give priority when you don’t have to.


You can park for free in most places. In Willemstad it is paid parking. The costs for 1 hour are 1 ANG. Each P box is provided with a number. You must enter this number at the payment terminal. You will receive a receipt which you have to put on your dashboard. The ‘Parking Autorithy Curacao’ is quite strict. If no receipt or an expired receipt, you will receive a wheel clamp. If you have a wheel clamp, you can call: 005999 – 4612956. Free parking near the city? Then park your car at the waaigat. It is only a short walk to the center of Willemstad.


When it rains, roads become particularly slippery in Curaçao. If it rains, it is wise to limit your speed and keep plenty of distance from the vehicle in front. The braking distance is considerably longer on a wet road surface.

Driving a car on Curacao with children

Children under 12 years who are less than 1.50 m tall must be carried in an approved and appropriate child seat or on an approved booster seat with seat belts. Children older than 3 years and younger than 12 may be transported if there is no suitable child seat or booster seat, provided they are wearing a seat belt. At Holiday Rentals Curacao you can rent a child seat or booster seat for only 2.50 euros per day. You can indicate this when you request a quote for your rental car.

Roadside assistance

Curacao has a roadside assistance. They can help you in the event of a breakdown on the road on telephone number 9247. The reliable car rental companies are all affiliated with the roadside assistance. If this is not the case, you will have to pay the roadside assistance on the spot. Holiday Rentals is affiliated with the roadside assistance. View our selection of rental cars on Curacao.

Curacao Road Service

In the event of an accident and / or damage, this will not be registered by the police on Curaçao, the Road Service is responsible for this In the event of a collision, you will receive assistance from ‘the Road Service’. It is important to note that if you have had a collision, the vehicle must not be moved. The road service should be called and will assess the situation. The Road Service can be reached on telephone number: 199.

To fuel

You can pay cash at petrol stations. Credit cards are also accepted at almost all petrol stations. At most self-service petrol stations you first have to pay at the cashier and only then can you refuel. If your tank is full before the prepaid amount is reached, you will be refunded the remaining amount at the cashier again. There are also petrol stations where a service employee will fill the tank up for you. It is customary to tip them.

Book a rental car at holiday rentals curacao

A reliable rental car is of course a requirement. We offer various types of rental cars.

Just the important telephone number at a glance:

  • Road service: 199
  • Roadside assistance: 9247
  • Wheel clamp: 005999 – 4612956