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Jan Thiel Curacao

Holiday Rentals Curacao rents many private holiday homes in the beautiful villa district Jan Thiel. Here you can fully enjoy the beautiful nature such as the salt pans and the Spanish water. It is well known that Curacao is a beautiful island for beach lovers and vacationers who want to relax in the ultimate way. But not everyone knows that Curacao also has fantastic pieces of nature where you can view many bird species and plants.

holidayhomes Curacao in BottelierJan Thiel Curacao is known for the Jan Thiel beach where you can eat a delicious snack at Zanzibar, zest beach cafe or papagayo. There are a number of shops on the beach with nice souvenirs and bikini shops. There is even a swimming pool on the beach with a sea view. We know that Curacao is a beautiful island for beach lovers and vacationers who want to relax. Because Curacao has been a popular holiday destination for years, the range of hotels and resorts is numerous. If you prefer more privacy and a whole villa for yourself, then view the selection of holiday homes on Jan Thiel.

Restaurants on Jan Thiel Beach

On Jan Thiel beach you will find various dining options. Quite new, Koko’s is a place where generally people come who love peace and quiet. They have delicious fresh smoothies, healthy shakes and tasty lunch dishes. Koko’s is open until sunset so after a day of Koko’s you can dine wonderfully at the other restaurants on Jan thiel beach such as Zanzibar. At Zanzibar you can eat delicious freshly baked pizzas, but you can also order a grilled chicken. The sunsets are really beautiful. And zanzibar is known for happy hour on Saturday from 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm with live music. That that is enjoying a Amstel Bright, in a pleasant temperature with feet in the sand. Next to Zanzibar you will find the restaurant Tinto, a more exclusive restaurant in a Caribbean atmosphere, located directly on the sea. Here you can have a romantic dinner and enjoy a good piece of meat or fish.

At Papagayo hotel you have 2 choices for lunch or dinner. Zest Mediterranean and Zest beach cafe. The Zest beach cafe is also great with kids. The children do not necessarily have to sit at the table but can play on the beach in the meantime. Just a very relaxed atmosphere. You can see it as a kind of picnic on the beach. At Zest Mediterranean you enjoy more luxury and a refined menu card.
After all that tasty food, still in the mood for dessert? Then take a look at Dulce, very popular among the children. This is next to the beach volleyball field and enjoy a delicious ice cream.

It all happens on Jan Thiel Beach

This is Jan Thiel’s slogan and besides that you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner there are also various activities to do.

If you like a good workout, you can rent a court, rackets and balls at beach tennis Curacao to play a game of beach tennis. There is also an ‘open racket night’ on Wednesday evenings from 19:00-21:00 pm. Always wanted to dive? That is also possible on Jan Thiel. At the Scuba Do Diving Center you can walk right in to discuss all the possibilities. Certainly also fun for children! Flyboarding is a unique experience where you fly above the water. This activity is already possible from 10 years. Zapata flyboard is situated on the beach itself and the flyboarding is done directly on the bay. So if you do not want to flyboard yourself then it is very nice to just watch.

If you prefer a bit more relaxed activities, you can also take a boat trip from Jan Thiel beach. Blue finn charters and Bounty adventures organize various boat trips such as snorkeling trips, sunset trips or a trip to Klein Curacao.

klein curacao with mermaid boat tripsRent a holiday home on Jan Thiel

Book easily and quickly your ideal holiday home on Jan Thiel.
A holiday home, villa or apartment reservation in the beautiful area of Jan Thiel is easy via the website of Holiday Rentals Curacao.

For Holiday Rentals Curacao your holiday has been a priority for more than 20 years; our team on Curacao is always ready for you during your vacation!