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Villa 105 Cas Grandi




Per night
Free Wifi
Beach 4 km
10 Persons

A very child friendly villa. The special garden with the beautiful big veranda, huge pool, the beautiful evening lighting and complete privacy makes this property unique.

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Villa 105 Cas Grandi summary

Exclusive HRC
private pool (8m x 4m)
sharp price
Child friendly
Family Villa
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Villa 105 Cas Grandi

A very child friendly villa. The special garden with the beautiful big veranda, huge pool, the beautiful evening lighting and complete privacy makes this property unique.

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  • 21 September 2021

    The garden and the pool

  • 11 Augustus 2021

    Spacious, everything works properly. Location is great, all in all a house to come home to. We noticed that the paintwork around the pool has been done, neat and refreshing. The mosquito net in the room is also nice but is too small or is too high. The hot water option and the spacious bathrooms are very nice. Ability to wash also very nice. New BBQ is great! Quiet neighborhood.

  • 24 Juli 2020

    Villa 105 Cas Grandi was fantastic! It is spacious through all bedrooms and bathrooms. Kitchen is large. But actually you spend most of your stay (if you're not out) in the garden on the veranda. In the morning you can have a nice breakfast there. The pool was large and also when we were 9 people at the same time you had enough space. Furthermore, all supplies were available. The presence of a washing machine was also very nice. Because you can wash, you don't have to take much with you.

  • 05 Februari 2020

    The entire group agreed on the following:
    - good location
    - nice swimming pool (also for the little ones)
    - nice playground for the little ones
    - wonderful sun beds
    - nice porch

  • 01 Januari 2020

    The garden porch and swimming pool

  • 02 December 2019

    The garden, swimming pool and veranda

  • 14 November 2019

    That everything was just as it was promised and the presence of pets such as lizards, the house iguana the frogs in the porch

  • 02 Augustus 2019

    Beautiful house is everything, beautiful garden and swimming pool Everything is present in the house

  • 24 Juli 2019

    The best thing was the garden with the swimming pool.

  • 14 Mei 2019

    Swimming pool at home and almost every room had its own shower

  • 18 April 2019

    The swimming pool is cleverly situated. Good to use in the morning (not very hot yet) and after 4 p.m. it started to get in the shade so it can be used optimally during the day after you've been away.

  • 18 Februari 2019

    The garden is really beautiful and the pool very generous

  • 24 December 2018

    everything was as imagined

  • 01 November 2018

    The garden and pool where great!

  • 18 Oktober 2018

    The porch, pool and garden where great!

  • 06 Augustus 2018

    The garden was most suprising

  • 15 Mei 2018

    The pool and the space around the house was lovely

  • 11 Januari 2018

    The garden and pool are really great. And the veranda is also a very nice place.

  • 23 Oktober 2017

    The pool, big refrigerator and the porch where the most beautifull features

  • 27 Juli 2017

    The Pool!

  • 22 Maart 2017

    The suprisiging was that the house was exactly as described. Often these things metntioned nicer in the brochures than they actually are. This was certainly not the case.

  • 27 Februari 2017

    Beautiful outdoor space

  • 06 Februari 2017

    Lovely pool and big garden

  • 17 Januari 2017

    The situation as described on the website, fully met the reality. Nothing more, nothing less, great class, honest information.

  • 16 Augustus 2016

    The pool was very nice, big enough !!! In addition, the space of the rooms, the size of the refrigerator and the sun loungers by the pool were very nice !! The porch was very nice, eat outside and sit when it is too hot in the sun.

  • 08 Juni 2016

    The garden en the top service from Holiday Rentals Curacao

  • 21 Mei 2016

    very nice large swimming pool, size of the bedrooms and the size of the refrigerator

  • 26 April 2016

    space and total accommodation

  • 18 Maart 2016

    The outdoor area (pool, garden and covered porch).

  • 23 Februari 2016

    Pool and beautiful exterior, the entire outdoors!

  • 16 Februari 2016

    Beautiful garden with very large swimming pool, spacious house with enough bedrooms. Spacious bathrooms.

  • 22 December 2015

    Size pool and the additon of a seperate children's pool

  • 28 Oktober 2015

    The spacious veranda where the children can play safe behind, the size of the pool and also the villa with all the comforts

  • 09 Oktober 2015

    Large swimmingpool and magnificant porch

  • 29 Augustus 2015

    The pool!

  • 13 April 2015

    The great pool and terrace.

  • 13 Februari 2015

    Everything was just fine. The location of the house, close to everything!

  • 21 Januari 2015

    The pool, the porch and the space we think is the greatest of the house.

  • 14 November 2014

    Actually everything, perfect service, great villa, the pool and the fridge with an icemaker and cold water!

  • 24 Augustus 2014

    The space and the outside living were great! The porch also and especially now that you placed another fan!

  • 30 Juni 2014

    The big pool is awesome, including the kids pool which makes swimming with the kids very pleasant.

  • 05 Juni 2014

    Stunning garden and pool. The beds were really great!

  • 01 Juni 2014

    The spacious house, the pool and the ambiance of the house inside and outside make the villa unique!

  • 13 Mei 2014

    We did not expect the villa was so spacious. The beautiful garden and everything was there!

  • 19 Februari 2014

    The pool is perfect for children

  • 10 Januari 2014

    Lovely, spacious house with private pool. Nice lights in the garden in the evening and everything is well maintained.

  • 18 Oktober 2013

    Only 1 word: GREAT! Enough space for everybodu, big bedrooms with their own bathroom, beautiful pool in a tropical garden which we used a lot. Big fridge and washing machine were also very handy.

  • 28 Augustus 2013

    Nice outside space en great pool and the ice maker in the fridge we really loved.

  • 12 Augustus 2013

    Pool was great! Beautiful garden we really enjoyed.

  • 17 Juli 2013

    Spacious villa and the beautiful garden and pool.

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