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Near natural beaches

If you like peace and nature, stay in a holiday home near the natural beaches in the west of Curacao.

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Holiday home Curacao near natural beaches

Would you like to visit the beaches in the West of Curacao? Then stay in a holiday home in the west of Curacao. This way you can easily go beach hopping and you won’t lose much travel time if you stay in the east of Curacao. Well-known locations in the West to stay are villa park Fontein, Coral Estate and Cas Abou.

The top 5 beaches in the West of Curacao

In the West of Curacao you will find many beaches, but we have already selected the top 5 beaches in the West of Curacao for you.

  1. Grote Knip (Playa Kenepa Grandi) is a beautiful beach and very popular with the locals. You do not have to pay an entrance fee here. However, there are beach beds and umbrellas that you can rent. From the car park you have a beautiful view of the sea, the beach and the mountains. You reach the pearly white sandy beach via a long staircase. There is a snack bar, but you can also bring your own cooler and BBQ, enjoy the Caribbean!
  2. Playa Porto Mari is hidden between the plantations in the West of Curacao. The slogan of Play Porto Mari is: ‘Where nature comes first’. Much attention is paid to the beautiful double reef and all activities are as environmentally friendly as possible. There is a diving school on the beach and a unique double reef in front of the beach. Easy to get to from the beach. You can also take beautiful walks from the beach. There are 3 hiking trails, The Seru Matteo Trail, The History trail and The Bird Trail.
  3. Playa Lagun is a small fishing beach in the West of Curacao. The quiet and idyllic bay is surrounded by high cliffs. You can snorkel here beautifully. Here you will also find a diving school and you can rent beach beds. The restaurant ‘Bahia Beach Bar and restaurant’ can be found on top of the cliff. Enjoy delicious dishes and cocktails with a magnificent view.
  4. Daaibooibaai is a spacious beach with many palapas. The locals like to come here. It is allowed to barbecue and you do not have to pay an entrance fee. There is a small snack bar and you can rent a beach chair for 10 ANG. If you bring it back, you will receive 5 ANG back. Sit back, relax and Enjoy on the pleasant beach, Daaibooibaai.
  5. Cas Abou is one of the larger beaches and is also very spacious. It is a paradise for snorkelers and divers. You pay an entrance fee here and you can also rent sunbeds. The beach has a fairly large restaurant, diving school and shower facilities. Cas Abou is such a beach that you really have to see for yourself.

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