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Peace and nature

Are you looking for a holiday home where you can experience the peace and nature? View the holiday homes at beautiful locations on Curacao and enjoy a wonderful relaxing holiday on the Caribbean island of Curacao.

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Peace and nature

Especially the West in Curacao is characterized by peace and nature. You can do many activities here where you will not notice the many tourists that Curacao has. Curacao is the largest island of the ABC islands and therefore also the most popular holiday destination in the Caribbean. There is a lot to do for young and old.

Top 5 activities with peace and nature

  1. The National Christoffel Park

The largest national park of Curacao is characterized by the 372 meter high Christoffelberg. Many people climb this mountain and at the top you will be rewarded by a magnificent view. The hike takes about 1.5 hours and it is advisable to start as early as possible so that you are not too bothered by the warm temperatures.

Besides climbing the Christoffelberg there are many more things to do. Discover the museum, Savonet country house, go on a jeep safari or discover the north with your own rental car. On the website of the national Christoffel park you will find a lot of information about what to do / see in the park.

  1. The National Sheta Boka park

Next to the Christoffelpark you will find the National Sheta Boka park. A park of 10 kilometers long on the rugged north coast of Curacao. The park has 10 coves/bays where the sea turtles lay their eggs. In addition, you have 4 bokas that you can visit. The rough violence of the sea against the rocks is a true spectacle to see. You can walk in the park, but you can also reach the various bokas by car. At the entrance of the park you will receive a handy route map so that you don’t miss anything from the beautiful national sheta boka park on Curacao

  1. The natural beaches in the West

The beautiful bays should of course not be missing from the list. Dream away at aqua blue bays where you can snorkel great, have a nice lunch and enjoy the flora and fauna of Curacao. The beaches that you should definitely see are playa kalki, playa jeremi, playa lagun, grote knip and kleine knip.

  1. The Hato Caves

The Hato Caves are located near the airport of Curacao, Hato airport. You learn a lot about the history of Curacao here. The Indians, the slaves who hid here and how the caves were created. We therefore recommend that you do the tour through the caves with a guide who can tell you everything about the history, culture, flora and fauna of Curacao.

  1. The underwater world of Curacao

The underwater world of Curacao is breathtaking. In many places you can snorkel and dive beautifully. Underwater you will experience total peace and you can enjoy all the beautiful coral and the special fish. There are diving schools on many beaches where you can dive with an instructor or rent diving gear.

Want to stay in the West of Curacao? View all vacation rentals in the West of Curacao and enjoy the peace and nature on Curacao.


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