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Jan Thiel Curacao

Discover the surroundings of Jan Thiel and enjoy a relaxing day at the beach at Jan Thiel Bay. Stay in a beautiful villa on Jan Thiel and dream away at your own private swimming pool

Holiday homes Jan Thiel Curaçao

Holiday Rentals Curacao rents out many private holiday homes in the beautiful villa district of Jan Thiel Curacao. Here you can fully enjoy the beautiful nature such as the salt pans and the Spanish water. Stay in an apartment with sea view or a luxury villa with private pool within walking distance of the bustling Jan Thiel Beach. Here you will find many restaurants, bars, a supermarket, various activities and of course a beautiful white sand beach and an aqua blue sea.


Restaurants Jan Thiel


Zanzibar is of course known for its weekly happy hour on Saturdays from 5-6pm with live music. Not only popular among the young interns. The audience is very diverse. Young and old can enjoy a fun party on the beach. Zanzibar is open every day from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM and serves you breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is possible in the atmospheric restaurant, but also on your lounger under the palm tree. Zanzibar is known for its delicious freshly baked pizzas and grilled chicken from the spit.

It all happens on Jan Thiel beach!

Zanzibar Curacao
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Zest Beach Café

Zest Beach Café on Curacao is a very popular place on Jan Thiel. It meets all your expectations on your vacation to Curacao. A relaxed atmosphere, palm trees, a bite to eat with your feet in the sand, cold beer, tropical cocktail, right by the sea, romantic sunsets and in the evening the mood lighting makes it complete.

During the day you can rent a luxury Cabana or Palapa at Zest. Zest’s staff is on hand to provide you with cooling drinks and treats throughout the day. Make a reservation because they are very popular!

Zest beach café is open every day from 8:30 am until midnight.

Zest Beach Cafe Jan Thiel
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Restaurant Zest

If you like luxury and fine dining, you should definitely eat at restaurant Zest. Zest Mediterranean has a fantastic location on Papagayo beach. The dishes are culinary specialties from the Mediterranean area. Think of fresh fish, pastas, special vegetables and delicious desserts.

Zest Mediterranean is open daily for breakfast, lunch & dinner from 8:30 AM to 10:00 PM.

Zest Restaurant Jan Thiel Curacao
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Beach club Koko’s

Koko’s is a hidden gem on Jan Thiel Beach. It has a lovely white sandy beach with luxurious sunbeds, swaying palm trees and a wonderful restaurant where you can enjoy healthy smoothies, bagels, beach bites, platters, sandwiches, salads and more. Koko’s has a relaxed vibe. The combination of all this makes it one of the most popular beaches on Jan Thiel Beach.

Koko’s is open every day from 8:00 am until the sun goes down.

Koko's Jan Thiel
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Tinto bar Y Cocina

Tinto has the perfect location for dining out on your vacation to Curacao. The restaurant is located directly on the Jan Thiel bay and has a Caribbean look. On the beach, with a sea view, palm trees and a large palapa make this restaurant unique. Enjoy the Latin-oriented dishes and the shared dining concept during your vacation on Curacao with your partner, family and/or friends.

Tinto Bar Y Cocina is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 16:30.

Restaurant Tinto Jan Thiel Curacao
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Dulce ice cream Parlour

After a delicious lunch or dinner on Jan Thiel beach, you can’t find a better dessert than at the colorful ice cream parlor of Dulce. You can choose from delicious (soft) ice creams, sundaes, milkshakes, sorbets, waffles and many other sweet treats. Enjoy your dessert on the beach with a sea view at Dulce Curacao.

Open daily from 1.00 am – 10:00 pm.

Dulce Jan Thiel Curacao
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Kyoto Sushi & Grill

Kyoto sushi & Grill can be found next to the van den Tweel supermarket on Jan Thiel and are open every day from 4:00 AM to 10:00 PM. You can dine in the restaurant itself and also pick up.

You can not only enjoy delicious sushi here, but they also have tapas, wok dishes, hand rolls and various platters. View the menu of Kyoto Curacao and enjoy a delicious Japanese dish in the Caribbean.

Kyoti Sushi And Grill Jan Thiel Curacao
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What to do at Jan Thiel

It all happens on Jan Thiel Beach

It all happens on Jan Thiel beach is de slogan… en dat klopt. Er is heel veel te doen op Jan Thiel Beach en de meesten maken gebruik van het strand met ligbedden en cabana’s. Jan Thiel beach is elke dag geopend vanaf 8:00 uur. De entree voor het strand is 6 ANG. De strandstoelen zijn te huur vanaf 6 ANG. Op het strand wordt je lekker bediend door de vele enthousiaste medewerkers. Geniet van het uitzicht, de aangename watertemperatuur en het heerlijke briesje op je vakantie naar Jan Thiel Curacao.

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Nature reserve The Salt Pans

You can take beautiful walks in the salt pans of Jan Thiel. There are several routes that you can walk. And the great thing is, you can always go there (for free). The routes are indicated, but there are also various organizations that offer tours. Always take enough water with you! During the day it is very hot in curacao, so it is better to go for a walk in the salt pans of Jan Thiel early in the morning or in the afternoon. Then relax in your holiday home by the private pool.

Zoutpannen Jan Thiel Curacao
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Discover the wonderful underwater world

Diving is a very popular activity on Curacao to do. There are therefore many diving schools on curacao. On Jan Thiel Beach you can go to Divecentre Scuba Do. You can organize a test dive here to gain your 1st experience with diving. If it tastes like more, you can also get your PADI certificate in 3 days! If you are already an experienced diver, you can choose from various organized dives. If you think diving is a step too far, you can also discover the beautiful underwater world with your snorkel everywhere on Curacao.

Duiken Op Blue Bay Curacao
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Blue Finn charters

Blue Finn Chartes has Jan Thiel Beach as its home port. From here you can do various boat trips on Curacao. Blue Finn Charters organizes the following trips on their beautiful Catamaran:

  • Day trip to the island ‘Klein Curacao’
  • West Coast Beach Trip
  • Snorkeling trips
  • Sunset sailing trip
  • Private charters
Zeilen Op Curacao
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Shops at Jan Thiel Beach

  • On Papagayo Beach plaza you will find many nice shops such as Rebels fashion, Art by Eve, Walk in closet, BRO men’s fashion, Milk children’s clothing and more..
  • On the Jan Thiel beach there is a nice ‘Dushi store’ to get the necessary souvenirs and the beautiful Beach shop Summer Breeze where you can buy contemporary swimwear and water attributes for young and old.
  • The supermarket van den Tweel on Jan Thiel is open every day from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.
Lets Go Shopping!
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Let yourself be pampered

  • On the beach you will find a small massage parlor in an idyllic hut. You can come here every day from 10:00 SM for various massages. There is also a Pedicure/Manicure salon, so start your holiday right and let yourself be pampered!
  • Laman spa & Wellness can be found on the beach of Papagayo Beach. Here you can go for all kinds of different beauty treatments. They are open every day so you can just pop in to discuss all the options.
Massage Jan Thiel Curacao
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Sports on Jan Thiel

There is 1 gym at Jan Thiel. Sports & Healths Club ‘The Challenge’. Here you can be wonderfully active in the cooling air conditioning. In addition to the many fitness equipment, various group lessons are also given. There are special subscriptions for people who are on vacation. If you prefer to exercise outside, you can also opt for a long walk through the nature reserve De Salt Pans or a game of beach tennis on the Jan Thiel beach.

Sporten Jan Thiel Curacao
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Are there also diving schools at Jan Thiel?

At Jan Thiel you will find various diving schools where you can go. Dive Center van de Ven, Dive Center Scuba Do and Jan Thiel Diving are all certified diving schools at Jan Thiel.

Where is Jan Thiel Bay?

The Jan Thiel Bay is a bay in the southeast of Curaçao. It is located about 10 km from Willemstad and 20 km from Hato Airport. It has a beautiful beach and is an excellent location to relax on a beach chair, snorkel and/or grab a bite to eat.

Is the entrance to Jan Thiel beach free?

The entrance to the beach is 6 ANG / 3 dollars. The beach chairs can be rented from 6 ANG / 3 dollars. You can also rent Cabanas, but it is best to book them in advance.

What’s more fun? Mambo beach or Jan Thiel Bay?

Both locations have a lot to offer in terms of the beach, shops, activities and restaurants. In Jan Thiel you will find many more private houses. More hotels on mambo beach. Jan Thiel Beach and Mambo Beach are only 10 minutes away from each other, so you can easily explore both at your leisure.