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Some vacation rentals have their own gym in their holiday home. Ideal that you can be active in your own private villa at any time, whenever you want. Rent a large luxury holiday villa with its own gym at Holiday Rentals Curacao.

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Gym Curacao

Do you enjoy being active and would you like to stay fit during your vacation on Curacao? Then a gym in your private holiday villa is of course ideal! In addition, Curacao has the wonderful climate to enjoy outdoor sports early in the morning or at the end of the day. If you prefer to exercise in the airconditioning, you can go to various gyms on Curacao.

Gyms Curacao

On Curacao you will find many gyms near your holiday home. If you rent a villa on Jan Thiel, you can go to Jan Thiel sports and health club ‘The Challenge’.
They offer special subscriptions for tourists. You can work out here, participate in group lessons and use the wellness.

If you are staying at the Blue Bay Golf and Beach resort, group lessons are given at the park itself in the ‘Fit Studio’. Near Blue Bay, in shopping center Sambil you will find the Oxygen fitness Zone gym. A new gym where you can work out, follow various group lessons and enjoy a wonderful massage..

Have you rented a holiday home near mambo beach? Then Blue Maxx Health Club is the gym you can go to. Here you can enjoy various group lessons, fitness equipment, wellness and beauty packages on the beach of mambo beach.


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