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Family-friendly accommodation on Curacao

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Family-friendly accommodation on Curacao

Are you going on vacation to Curacao with your family and are you looking for a family-friendly accommodation on Curacao? Then you have come to the right place at Holiday Rentals Curacao. Experience shows that the children often enjoy the most in a holiday home with a private swimming pool and the beach/sea. Cool off in the water, dive, snorkel, do tricks, make sand castles, look for shells, romp in the plastic inflatable tire and then sleep well at night.. Drumi Dushi..

Apartments with beautiful sunsets
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Holiday homes for a family

Plenty of choice if you want to stay with your family in a family-friendly accommodation on Curacao. Often families with children want to stay at a resort such as the blue bay golf and beach resort. The holiday homes are within walking distance of the beach and you have many facilities. There is a diving school, beach bar, various restaurants, an 18-hole golf course and many communal swimming pools. Ideal for the children to make holiday friends.

On Jan Thiel, the Marbella Estate Resort is a very popular place. Most holiday homes have a private swimming pool, but there is also a large communal swimming pool with a small children’s pool. The resort is only a few minutes away from Jan Thiel beach. Discover the holiday homes and activities in the Jan Thiel district.

On holiday with grandpa and grandma?

Are grandpa and grandma also going on holiday with you? Then perhaps the holiday homes with separate apartment/guesthouse are ideal for your vacation to Curacao. Enough space and privacy for everyone.

Villa 31 Cas Grandi


Villa 404 Zuurzak


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Child-friendly beaches

Curacao has more than 30 beaches, most of which are located in the West. Most beaches have quiet bays and are therefore safe to go with children. Our top 5 child-friendly beaches are:

  1. Blue Bay – Blue Bay: Blue Bay beach is located on the Blue Bay Golf and Beach Resort, in the center of the island. If you stay at the resort, access to the beach and use of the sunbeds is free. Blue Bay is a beautiful white sand beach with many palm trees. On the beach there are 2 restaurants and a cozy beach bar.
  2. Sea Aquarium beach – Mambo beach: Ideal with children! A long white sandy beach and a very quiet bay. Discover the boulevard with many nice (souvenir) shops and countless restaurants.
  3. Zest Beach Jan Thiel: Zest beach is located on the Jan Thiel bay. You can easily walk into the water on this stretch of beach. At the beach of Zanzibar you can only go to the sea via a staircase. You can enjoy a wonderful day at Jan Thiel beach. Here you will find various restaurants, shops and activities to do.
  4. Playa Porto Mari: Playa Porto Mari is known for the slogan ‘where nature comes first’. A beautiful white sand beach which is also loved by the pigs. You can also reach the sea via a very long jetty. Super fun for the older kids to jump from. Playa Porto Mari has a cozy restaurant where you can have a delicious lunch with a fantastic view of the sea.
  5. Playa Lagun: Playa lagun is an idyllic beach in the town of Lagun. A small and quiet bay where you can snorkel beautifully and really get the feeling that you are on vacation in the Caribbean.

Looking for activities for the whole family? Discover them here!

Palapas by the sea at restaurant Brass Boer Curacao
Blue Bay Beach with white beach
From the beach you can easily walk into the sea and go diving

Checklist holiday Curacao with children

When you go on holiday with your children, you naturally want nothing to go wrong and everything to be perfectly arranged so that you can enjoy yourself.

  1. Activate PIN card for outside Europe. This is really often forgotten. Are you standing at the checkout with your overflowing shopping cart? You can easily adjust your debit card within the environment of your bank account. Bringing a credit card is of course always handy, just in case. On Curacao you can pay with both dollars and the Antillean guilder. There are many ATMs, recognizable as ATM.
  2. Bring mosquito repellent. Especially if you are sensitive to it, it is useful to take it with you in advance. The first evening the mosquitoes often find you the best and there you walk with your big red bumps and a lot of itching! On Curacao you can always find mosquito repellent in the supermarket or at the pharmacy (botika).
  3. If your suitcase allows it, we would certainly advise you to bring the necessary swimming gear. If you had to buy a snorkel here on Curacao, it would be many times more expensive. Water shoes are also super handy! Some beaches have more pebbles. With water shoes you can walk straight into the sea.
  4. Hato airport now also has E-gates. You should NOT stand in this line with children under the age of 18. You can only pass the E-gate if you are over 18 years old, so avoid having to close at the back again and check carefully which queue you have to stand in. Before arrival, don’t forget to fill out your Digital Immigration Card online for each person coming along and take it printed out with you.
  5. Bring travel plugs. Many holiday homes only have 220 volt sockets in the kitchen. The other sockets are 110 volts with a different plug than you are used to. If you want to be sure that you can charge all your equipment in time, take a number of world plugs with you. These are also available in every supermarket.
  6. At most holiday homes you can also order a shopping package before arrival. Especially when you arrive late, it’s nice that you don’t have to go to a supermarket right away and there’s something in the fridge upon arrival. By the way, the tap water on Curacao is of very good quality and you can therefore just drink it.
  7. Before departure, install the app and download the map of Curacao. You can use this app offline while traveling in your rental car. This way you prevent that you spend too much time finding your way on Curacao.
  8. Reserve your rental car on Curacao in time! During the busy periods there are not always enough rental cars available. Especially when you travel with children, you probably have special requirements that a rental car must meet. So book your rental car in time at holiday rentals curacao and combine the combination discount of 10% on the daily price. At Holiday Rentals Curacao you can also rent car seats and booster seats, ideal!
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